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Do you need my credit card information to trial the Sitebuilder? 
No! You can set up a FREE 10-day trial without giving us any credit card information. Only after you decide to continue to use Secure Sitebuilder, do we ask for this information. You are not committed, nor required, to activate your website after the trial period has expired.
What happens at the end of my trial? 
When your trial account expires, your account will be placed in a disabled state. In this state, you will be able to log in to your account to change billing information should you wish to re-enable your account and continue with the system.
If an account in a disabled state looks to have been inactive for some time, we reserve the right to re-claim the login for other members of our system.
If you want to continue your site past the trial, you can add your billing information and select a site package from [Admin > Activate Account].  You do not have to manually process any payments -- your card will automatically be charged for future invoices on your billing date.
Will I have to start over when I switch from the trial to a paid plan? 
No. You actually will be upgrading your Trial Account to a paid plan, so you will not have to start over when switching.
How much does Secure Sitebuilder cost? 
Secure Sitebuilder is priced differently depending on what level of service you require. A full pricing matrix is available at
How can I pay for my account? Do you accept personal checks? 
At this time, we only accept payment via a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. You can also use a debit card if it contains the Visa or MasterCard logo (most do). We do not accept any other form of payment (American Express, checks, money orders, or payments sent via Paypal's "send money" feature) at this time.
How can I pay for my account using PayPal? 
We don't currently accept payments via Paypal's send money feature, however we do recommend purchasing a pre-paid credit or debit card (with the Visa or Mastercard logo).
What happens if prices go up? What happens if you add new features? 
You get to keep the rate you signed up at for the lifetime of your account with us, no questions asked. We generally incorporate features into existing plan levels, so you normally won't need to pay for new features to the service - you'll simply have them (if they've been added at your plan level, of course).
What happens if I stop paying for my paid account? 
Your account will be deactivated until we hear from you again. We send multiple notices before taking any action of this sort. It's important to keep a recent email address on file so that we can notify you of any sort of billing related problems with your account.
How do I cancel? How do I remove my account? 
You can discontinue service by deactivating your account in the [Admin > My Account > Update Billing Information] section of your web site manager. This deactivation is permanent. You will never receive further communication from us after deactivating.
How long do you keep deleted account data? 
We currently keep deleted account data for approximately 6 months after account closure. While the data may reside in our system longer, we reserve the right to remove your account data at any point 6 months after canceling.
This is a guideline. In certain other situations depending on system status,we reserve the right remove the account data sooner (though we have never had to do this).
How can I receive an invoice for my payment? 
Besides receiving a monthly email confirmation, a full invoice listing is available in the [Admin > My Account > View Invoices] area of your site manager.
When do you do the billing for my site? 
Billing is done on the 1st day of each month for all websites.
Do I have to have a credit card? 
Yes. Secure Sitebuilder requires a credit card for service. You can contact your bank for a Visa debit card which you can use in place of a credit card.
Do you make me sign a long-term contract? 
No. We do not require a minimum sign up period. Everything is month to month, and you can stop at any time.
Can I cancel my account at anytime? 
Yes. You can cancel at any time. You must cancel before the 1st of the month to avoid being billed for that month. Service fees are non-refundable.
Can I upgrade if I decide I need additional features? 
Yes. You can upgrade at any time from within your site manager.
Signing up for an account 
To start using SecureSitebuilder, you'll need to create a new account. All new SecureSitebuilder accounts start out as a limited time free trial account, which you can then upgrade at any time to one of our paid plans as listed on our Pricing page.
Can I change my URL once I've registered? 
Secure Sitebuilder does not recommend changing your URL after your account has been set up. The account name you choose must be unique, as there cannot be two sites in the system with the same account name.  Also, a URL change will affect your login.  External links and RSS subscriptions to your site may need to be updated, as well.

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