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What is a WYSIWYG editor? 
Much of the content editing in SecureSitebuilder is done via pop-up windows called WYSIWYG editors. WYSIWYG (pronounced wi-zee-wig) is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. Basically it converts common writing styles into HTML - so you don't have to learn another language to build web content.
How do I edit my site content? 
You do the editing of your site directly on the site itself. Start by logging in to your site using the login and password that you created at signup. Once you log into your site, click the VIEW/EDIT SITE icon. Browse to the page you wish to edit and click the green EDIT PAGE button. This action will open the editable sections of that page.
Can I import static HTML pages from Dreamweaver or Frontpage? 
Sort of. Secure Sitebuilder's advanced site integration allows you to upload your own custom HTML pages. Use FTP to upload your site pages and images. HTML pages that you upload are available in the page list. You can easily link them into your site and even add them to your site menu.
You will be unable to import an entire site verbatim, because Secure Sitebuilder operates by managing your content. Tools like Dreamweaver and FrontPage produce pages that have your content organized in no particular fashion, and thus we can not extract the information required to produce the equivalent SecureSitebuilder structures.
FTP should only be used by advanced users that are familiar with web design and HTML.
When I click save can users immediately see my content? 
Yes. Clicking the save button is your one and only step. For those clients that do not wish to make their design changes go live immediately, our Design Explorer gives you the ability to manage non-live design changes. Once you have completed your changes, you can either save your settings or apply the design changes.
Can I import a Word document into the Sitebuilder? 
No. However if you copy and paste the content from your Word document into our editor in WYSIWYG mode, it should retain the formatting of your content. Our advanced WYSIWYG 2.0 editor has a special Word document paste option.
As a note, copying and pasting your text from a word processing program or other application is not recommended. This will apply code to the text that's carried over when you paste this into your page, and will cause formatting issues if you try to modify your text using the editor. We recommend using a program such as Notepad or TextEdit to remove formatting, and then adding the text to your page -- you can then use the tools in the edit window to style your text.

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