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How easy is it to get my site setup? 
Very easy. Most sites can be setup in a matter of just a few hours. We recommend first getting your core site setup and up on the Internet. Then enhance and refine your site based on competitive analysis and feedback from your customers.
How customizable is my Sitebuilder website? 
Completely customizable. Our ultimate goal for SecureSitebuilder is for you to be able to create almost any structure, style, or function of a website from within the SecureSitebuilder platform. We're well on our way towards meeting this goal too - our layouts and styles give you almost complete control over all aspects of how your pages are displayed to the public. You aren't forced to display our domain, our formatting, or our branding, if you choose to customize it away. Even if you don't - we've taken the hard part out of creating and managing your website.
Will it be apparent to visitors I'm using a managed website? 
No. You can rename internal URLs, and put your website on your own domain. You can change your layouts, styles, and HTML. The structure of your website will not appear different than any custom hosted solution.
Can I download your Sitebuilder and install it on my own server? 
No. Our Sitebuilder is a hosted web service (SaaS - Software as a Service) and it allows us to continually monitor the entire technical environment and ensure that your experience is fast and reliable. We have no plans to release our Sitebuilder as packaged software at this time.
Can I change my site design at any time? 
Yes. You are never locked into the design that you start with. You can change the entire look of you site by going to the design center.
When I change my design layout, what happens to my content? 
Nothing. You can easily switch to a different design at any time. Your data (journal entries, pictures, etc) is completely separate from your site's layout, meaning that you can switch between layouts at any point.
Can I customize the colors of my site? 
Yes. Secure Sitebuilder enables you to customize each and every color in the system. Unlike most site design services, with our Sitebuilder you are not limited to any predefined color schemes nor combinations. Once you have your site created, use our color designer to make your own scheme.
How many pages can I create? 
All plans allow for unlimited pages, there is no limit to the number that you can create (subject to disk space allowances). To see details, go to our features page.

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