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What about link exchange programs? 
While these programs or exchanges may increase the raw number of links to your site, you run an extremely high risk of Google identifying your site as one that participates in exchanges with, or receives links from, low-quality sites. Google (and presumably, other engines) will use these links the opposite of the way they use valid links to your site -- decreasing your rankings further.
How does paid advertising work on the web? 
Advertising on the internet generally falls into two categories:
  • Pay Per Click — The most popular form of advertising for individuals and small businesses. This allows you to pay for traffic on a per-click basis, usually though a bidding process. Google's AdWord program or Overture (the company Yahoo search uses) currently have the largest programs for pay per click advertising, and the most exposure.
  • Pay Per Impression — If you're interested in spending a large amount of money, pay per impression advertising (the banners that appear on most news sites, for example), allows you to reach wider audiences with your messaging. Pick a site and inquire about rates. Depending on the industry and site, this may be an affordable method for exposure.
What type of marketing services & info are included in the service? 
Secure Sitebuilder's Smart Start Marketing Center provides you with a library of resources, ideas and know-how for using your site to generate business. You will find information on how to setup your site as an effective sales tool, marketing ideas, traffic generating techniques and our search engine submission module.
What is Smart Start Marketing? 
Today's internet is an extremely competitive environment and customers are looking for the trusted companies to do business with. It is important that you present a positive image to prospects and eliminate barriers to obtaining their business. Putting your business on the Internet is more than just setting up a page, submitting it off to the search engines and waiting for something to happen. To be truly successful you need a strategy for success. Our Smart Start Marketing center provides you with the information you need to make the correct designs on marketing your site.
How do I get customers to my site? 
The marketing center offers all the information you need to get your site properly setup for the search engines. Once that is done you can use the submission feature to have your site submitted the engines. This is only the first step. The marketing center also includes information about web directories, topic specific locations, link placement, premium search engine positioning, non-internet marketing techniques and more. Getting customers to your site is only the first step. After that you need to make sure that you have a site that is designed to generate interest and sales.
How do I track statistics about traffic on my site? 
Secure Sitebuilder includes statistics tracking giving you information about visitors and pages hits on your site.

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