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How does this compare to hosting on my own? 
You'd have to deal with issues of network redundancy, co-location / shared hosting, server redundancy, data backup, and server monitoring. Some providers can provide you with a few of these services, but very few would provide you with all of them, especially when dealing with the data on your custom website. This, of course, doesn't even begin to address issues related to your website construction and management, all of which are completely managed by the SecureSitebuilder application.
SecureSitebuilder will not only save you weeks of time and headache, but will provide you with a solution that is far superior to most custom content management solutions available on the internet today. Setup is free and only takes a few seconds.
What's included with your hosting? 
Our monthly system access includes much more than just hosting. It includes the Sitebuilder license, continual updates to the core Sitebuilder modules, hosting, e-mail support, and telephone/online support. So you're getting much more than just hosting; you're getting a complete, fully managed package.
Regarding "unlimited hosting" from other vendors; there is no such thing. Running an "unlimited" amount of data through a hosting account will result in sluggish load times and server crashes. We don't make unrealistic promises; with us, you know exactly what you're getting.
Do you backup website data? 
Yes. We back up your website data in real-time to live standby servers. In the event that a primary system goes down, we can switch to these systems to restore service almost instantly, and with no data loss. Also, your data is periodically transferred to secure off-site storage, that allows for recovery even in the face of the worst disasters. Your data is our business, and we take our infrastructure and back up plans extremely seriously.
Do you host email? How do I get email accounts for my domain? 
Yes. Each account with Secure Sitebuilder includes everything you need to communicate with your customers. This includes POP3 email accounts, mail forwarding, email aliases and auto-responders. View the full details to learn more.
After you have upgraded your account, you can set up your own custom domain name. Once your domain name is completed, you are free to create your email accounts. Setting up email account at your own domain name, will create a professional internet presence for your business / ministry.

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